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  1. Our contract applies to “Limited Carriers Risk”.

  2. All jobs are priced depot to depot, NOT on arrival and departure.

  3. If required to drive onto property, Pukekohe Hiab Transport accepts no responsibility for damages that may result.

  4. If delivery vehicle is required to go onto a property and subsequently requires towage, cost of towage and truck hire waiting time is the responsibility of the property owner, builder or his agent, whichever the case may be.

  5. Your signature acknowledges these terms and conditions of delivery.

  6. Liability under the Contract and Commercial Law Act 2017 - Part 5 Carriage of Goods at limited carriers risk $2,000 per unit of goods.

  7. No claims recognised after 7 days.

  8. Goods insufficiently protected conveyed and sorted at owner’s risk.

  9. Where contents and condition of contents are unknown, claims will be considered only where there are signs of outside damage.

  10. Goods carried “FREIGHT PAYABLE BY SENDER” are subject to receiver indemnifying the Carrier for freight charges incurred in the event of non payment.